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Tuesday January 24, 2023 at 9 p.m. on Zoom(new date)

Free video conferencing without registration. Online recording for replay.

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personne qui saute

And ifthe expression was a trip...? What would be the take-off and landing runways to optimize this time ofresources and adventure?

In this cycle of videoconferences, it is a question of giving tracks of reflections and putting into practice foroptimize the physical and psychic expression in your life.

Based on his clinical experiences, Mickaël CHALOPIN gives you some concepts (from social psychology, to communication, through art therapy, philosophy and psychoanalysis) as well as practical exercises accessible formake expression an ally.



Welcome of participants with or without camera / microphone

(start of online registration)

Brief presentation of the speaker and the videoconference cycle

How is expression different from communication?

What is the expression?

How to express yourself when you feel/believe you are blocked or "not talented"?

Barriers to the ability to express

How to change your capacity for expression?

How can expression serve your mental relief?

Some practical exercises

(end of online registration)

Questions and discussions

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