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Transmission is the attention given to another that brings out the best in him.

– Christiane SINGER


The interventions are spaces for artistic experimentation in order to make the student/traineeauthor of the project.

After having experimented with several artistic possibilities, the student chooses his favorite artistic medium with which he will meet in pairs or in small groups to create their own number (when an end-of-course show is planned).

The creation is done by trial and error in order to make the students creators of their show.

intervention scolaire

School time

DNursery schools through private or public elementary schools.

From CP to CM2 via CLIS.

associations, clubs &
recreation center

Du sport to artistic expression.

Stage Acrobatie
école des clowns

Conservatory & media library

All ages and all levels.

Demande de devis

Vous souhaitez proposer une activité pédagogique et artistique dans votre établissement ? Parlons-en !

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