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About theNezSens Center

a magical place for the unique person that you are.

Havre de créativité, de mieux-être et de savoir-faire

welcome toNezSens Center, a unique place nestled in the hilltop village of Tourrette-Levens, 12km from Nice where art, training and well-being meet harmoniously. From its humble beginnings as a contemporary dance and clown school under the name "École du Château" in 2018, our company has undergone an inspiring evolution to become the NezSens Center that you know today.

Our history

Founded in late 2018, our company has gone through several transformations, reflecting our ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our human and creative community. Originally known as "Castle School", we then evolved into "NezSens School", emphasizing artistic and personal development through contemporary dance and the captivating world of clowning.

Diversification and Growth

Over time, our vision has expanded to encompass a diverse range of activities and services. THEArts-Therapies Office, an essential component since our beginnings, has continued to thrive, providing a safe space for personal exploration and wellness through various art forms.

THEGuest rooms, added to our offer, are an invitation to immerse yourself in a warm and artistic atmosphere, thus creating a unique experience for our visitors.

Current Development

Today, school no longer takes the form of regular programs, but rather in the form ofprivate courses and internships, offering a more personalized approach for art and movement enthusiasts.

The Creation Space, once the pulsating heart of artistic expression, has evolved to become aAdult Training Center. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of those looking to develop their skills, explore new professional horizons and enrich their lives through lifelong learning.

Our engagement

AtNezSens Center, our commitment to artistic fulfillment, personal development and community remains unchanged. We are committed to creating an environment where creativity thrives, learning is a lifelong adventure, and everyone finds space to flourish.

Join us in celebrating art, personal growth and diversity atNezSens Center, where every story helps weave the living web of our community.

Welcome to our world of endless possibilities!


Our clients

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