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L'art therapy, it's what ?

Friday September 23, 2023 at 9 p.m. on Zoom

In this remote information meeting, ideas and information will be given to understand the different currents of professional art therapy.

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Feuilles de pissenlit

Information meeting on the arts-therapies of the Center NezSens by Mickaël CHALOPIN. Are you interested in art and creativity? Are you experiencing personal and/or professional difficulties? Are you curious about what art therapy can be? This information meeting is for you.

This meeting will open the cycle of videoconferences to accentuate the importance of certain notions in art therapy, it will then be a question of giving avenues for reflection and practice to facilitate understanding, exchange and evolution.



Welcome of participants with or without camera / microphone

(start of online registration)

Presentation of the place and the art therapist
The different currents of professional art therapy
Pitfalls to avoid and other medical contraindications
What's the point ?
Who is it for?
Where can you find professionals in your area? How to choose it?
Your questions / exchanges

(end of online registration)

Questions and discussions

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