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Results of your stress level

You can view your results on this page and you will receive your result history by email.

Maximum score = 50 points

The higher your result, the more frequently and heavily the level of stress interferes with the person's daily life.

If you have difficulties, consult a professional, do not isolate yourself.

a person who is worried

If your score is below 21: you know how to manage your stress and adapt. You will always find solutions.

someone who stresses

If your score is between 21 and 26: in general, you are successful in coping with stress. But, in some situations, you don't know how to handle it. You are sometimes driven by a feeling of helplessness which leads to emotional disturbances.

person who is worried

If your score is above 27: for you, life is a perpetual threat. You feel like you are enduring most situations without being able to do anything else. Work on your thought pattern is desirable as well as a change in the way you react.

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