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Self-assessment of your imposter phenomenon

This test is called the Impostor Phenomenon Scale and was created by Pauline Rose CLANCE, an American psychologist who wrote the book: "The Impostor Phenomenon: When Success Makes You Feel Like A Fake" – PR Clance, 185 Toronto, Bantham Books.

The Impostor Phenomenon Scale is a psychological concept used to assess the degree to which a person experiences feelings of imposture or illegitimacy despite their successes and achievements. It includes various measures to assess feelings of incompetence, self-doubt, and fear of being exposed as an imposter. This scale allows us to better understand and evaluate this common phenomenon among many people, especially those who are professionally successful.

The scale consists of 10 simple statements on which you are asked to express your level of agreement or disagreement. These statements address fundamental aspects of self-esteem, self-confidence, intelligence, skills and legitimacy. Your answers will provide you with objective indications of your overall perception on this subject.

Test translated into French by Ars Maëlle via the online document on the author 's website .

This test in no way serves as a diagnosis, it simply provides a basis for reflection and information on this subject. If this phenomenon impacts you negatively, get help from a professional.

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