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“Blessed are the cracked, for they will let the light through. »

– Michel AUDIARD


Pascal JACOB, hasauthor and collector, specialist in circus arts and zoos (director of Cirque Phoenix) said  : "For me, the first clown is the first caveman who tripped and made others laugh and did it again the next day!"


The art of clowning is at the crossroads of circus arts, theatre, pantomime and dance. It is also the only artwhich is defined as both as the art and the practitioner.

The clown is then unique and universal. Whether shy or extravagant, funny or touching, crazy or learned...He is that part of the misfit in us, which does not fit into any box as his ingenuity is so extraordinary.


The clown is the author of the stories he invents...

école des clowns
école des clowns pour adultes


Clown pedagogy is based on the uniqueness of each person. No clown is alike, which is why the focus is mainly on: ​

letting go of the mind,

the spontaneity and the pleasure of play,

anchoring to the ground and support in manholes,

the rhythm of the lines and the silence,

the relationship to the burlesque and the poetic,

the clownish entrances



Generally, lessons and courses begin with a time to warm up and let go, playful exploration from an object or a clownish context and end with a time for discussion, sharing or relaxation. .

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