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“Unleash the potential of the child and you will transform the world with him. »



After many years of partnership with teachers in public schools (nursery and primary), I realized that students in the same class did not all have the same preferred mode of expression (oral, gestural, bodily , musical, graphic).​

Every child has a natural tendency to be more comfortable in one mode than another - even as the latter evolves. 

Rather than imposing a single mode of expression, it seemed appropriate to me to offer multidisciplinary workshops that could highlight these different modes without locking the child into one or the other so that the latter could seize what he naturally needs to emancipate himself.

It is then in respecting the rhythm of the child, that the latter will explore his creativity as the workshops progress to build the path of his confidence to become the best version of himself.

atelier pluridisciplinaire pour enfants
atelier pluridisciplinaire pour enfants maternels


Rather than enrolling the child in a process of stress linked to the representation, we prefer to favor informal times of sharing with the parents to encourage exchanges with the children.


There is no end of year show. Open workshops are planned to allow direct encounters and exploration with parents, in a friendly and safe environment.

Indeed, the interest is focused on the creation and the game rather than on the repetition and the mastery of a number. We believe that it is more beneficial for the child to remain in a phase of artistic exploration through which the child discovers himself and tames both his resources and his limits...


Generally, the workshops begin with a time of physical and vocal warm-up to enter into their playful exploration from the object of their choice and end with a quiet time, relaxation and relaxation.

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