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Internal Regulations

You will find attached the internal regulations for travelers who stay in Mickaël CHALOPIN's guest rooms.


Your room is part of a guest house in which Mickaël CHALOPIN works and regularly receives people throughout the year: Center NezSens.

You are the only ones who have access to your rooms. The staircase and the corridor remain shared.

🕙 Arrival

Arrivals are from 4 p.m. Late (or delayed) arrival must be announced.


🕙 Departure

Departures are until 12 p.m. (noon) at the latest.

If Mickaël is absent, you can leave the key on the dining room table or in the secure box then close the door and the shutter behind you.

Make sure you don't forget anything before you leave...

🧩 Games corner

The games corner is accessible to young and old under 2 conditions:

1°) remove your shoes before accessing them,

2°) store after use

Minors are the sole responsibility of their parents or legal guardians.


WiFi access is available free of charge on the following network:

You can scan the QR code in your room to access it directly.

📺 TV

The television which is located in each of the rooms and gives you access to Netflix , Canal + , Amazon Prime , Apple TV and Disney . To do this, simply select the account corresponding to the name of your room and enjoy!

Please note, there is no parental control on television channels.

🍽 Cooking

Breakfast is at your disposal, self-service on the kitchen worktop. You can put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher; you have butter in the fridge door.


The equipped kitchen is a space shared with Mickaël, as well as the dining room. You can use them if they are available between 6 a.m. and until 11 p.m.

🛁 Bathroom

You have at your disposal a bathtub as well as two sinks with mirrors. We are often on "drought alert", please do not overuse water.

Please remember to turn off the heater after your visit.

🔐 Treasure

Valuable objects (jewelry, digital devices, etc.) must not be left in the house or in parked vehicles; Mickaël CHALOPIN declines all responsibility in the event of the disappearance of these objects.

🐕 Animals

A cat named Tao lives here, he does not have access to your room unless you leave the door open (or the French window).

Please keep your dog on a leash within the castle climb and pick up his little gifts :)

🤫 Outfit

For the tranquility of the place, please respect the tranquility of the neighborhood and discretion within the establishment.

🚭 Tobacco

In compliance with Decree No. 2006-1386 of November 15, 2006, smoking is prohibited in places for collective use .


The entire house, including the bedrooms, is therefore non-smoking. You have an ashtray on your balcony and at the entrance to the house.

😷 COVID-19

Protective gestures (physical distancing, frequent hand washing and wearing a mask as appropriate) must be respected in accordance with the Law.

✊ Degradation

We thank you for agreeing to return the room in perfect condition at the end of your stay and to declare and financially assume any possible damage for which you may be responsible.

See as well :

- General rental conditions

- Cancellation policy

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