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Results of your esteem level

You can view your results on this page and you will receive your result history by email.

Maximum score = 40 points

The higher your result, the more frequently and heavily the level of self-esteem interferes in the person's daily life.

If you have difficulties, consult a professional, do not isolate yourself.

a girl crossing her hands

If you score 24 or less: Your self-esteem is very low. Work in this area seems desirable.

a girl waving behind a smartphone screen

Si vous avez obtenu un résultat compris entre 25 et 31 points : Votre estime de soi est faible. Un travail dans ce domaine serait bénéfique.

man with good self-esteem

If you obtain a result between 32 and 34 points:

Your self-esteem is average.

une fille qui médite en position du lotus

If you obtain a result between 35 and 38 points: Your self-esteem is strong.

girl who is happy and has ideas

If you score 39 points or more: Your self-esteem is very strong and you tend to be strongly assertive.

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