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“Only the inner explosion allows you to shine. »

- Paulo Coelho



In Antiquity, statuettes were used for religious ceremonies and could be articulated to create the illusion  animated figurines.


In France, the wordpuppet dates from the Middle Ages and designates the various diminutives of the Virgin Mary.

It is with the French writer Guillaume BOUCHET that we see appearing for the first time in 1584 in his workParties the stage design of the puppets.

The puppets are grouped in the form of rod puppets, string puppets, sheath puppets, rod puppets, finger puppets, puppets or shadow puppets.

Today, puppets have evolved to find a place in street performances and television (The Muppet Show /Download /The Guignoles of info ...)

Théâtre de marionnettes
enfants marionnettistes


Puppet theater pedagogy is based on the child's need for expression. The hand puppet here serves the child's speech by developing his imagination while articulating it with the sense of language. Attention is drawn to: ​

verbal and non-verbal language,

meaning and narrative,

the pleasure of the game and the imagination,

the work of the voice and its intonations,

emotions and feelings,

storytelling improvisation


Generally, lessons and courses begin with a theatrical warm-up time using voice and body, then a meeting time with the puppets made available (hand puppets with human or animal characters), staging of situations in solo and in duet to end with a rest period with his puppet.

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