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mickael chalopin

Mickael Chalopin

RNCP certified art therapist

A former gymnast, Mickaël discovered the circus arts at the Annie Fratellini school in Paris where he trained for two years while discovering classical dance. He made his first professional experiences as a mime and acrobat.

At the same time, Mickaël undertakes toyears of socio-cultural missions in favor of people with disabilities to facilitate their access to body expression. He then founded and directed the "compagnie le cœur accords" when he arrived in the south of France in 2005. Aware of the therapeutic role of bodily expression, Mickaël trained in dance therapy, which he led alongside art education for underprivileged children in schools.

Mickaël will continue his solo artistic career by inventing his character "Pierrot Buto" who will be a semi-finalist for the show France has an incredible talent in 2016.


Since December 2018, Mickaël has been established in Tourrette-Levens where he founded the NezSens Center to develop his art-therapy practice as well as his guest house in this village so conducive to healing.

A more personal point

HAS the end of my adolescence, I find myself dancing spontaneously with my niece. This dancing time, talking with her, was so intense that it made me realize that herTrisomy 21 was only a label behind which relationship and communication coexisted...

It is thanks to this experience of complicity that I decided to create my first company to deploy the resources behind thedisability.



  • t-arttherapist, certified at RNCP level 6 validated by the State (PROFAC) - 2021

  • D.E contemporary dance teacher (Course Studios - Marseille) - 2016

  • Animator in "dance-therapy, dance of the soul" (Existence - Ardèche) - 2006

  • Medical and psychological help (Autism 92 - Ile de France) - 2004


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RNCP level 6
member of the professional art therapy league
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